The man shop is a curated collection of masculine items, imagery, & inspiration by Sean Woolsey.

The Man Shop’s tracks are merging with my new personal blog of ideas, inspiration, and things that I am working on in the shop. It may document some of my adventures as well.

Hop on the train here seanwoolsey.tumblr.com. 

I am loving these fall fireside nights. (at Woolsey residence)

Stoked to have a little feature in one of my favorite magazines-Huge. Check out the December issue at finer bookstores worldwide.

Chevrons and bow ties. (at Wood Den)

I am currently on a roadtrip with my wife around america in our 87 Westfalia. 

You can follow our journey here www.somewhereunderthenightsky.tumblr.com

Also on Instagram @thewoolsey 

This blog will be on haitus until we return.


Yes (Taken with Instagram at The Atelier)

This is what the beginning of living out of a westfalia for 2 months looks like. (Taken with Instagram at Woolsey residence)

New custom lamp out of reclaimed oak with a walnut bow tie for a customer in NY (Taken with Instagram at The Atelier)

If you have ever wanted anything on my site now is the time to get it! 4 day sale starts now and ends this Thursday night. While goods last. www.seanwoolsey.com (Taken with Instagram)

A pair of new teak desk lamps I just finished. These bad boys are one of a kind. For sale now. (Taken with Instagram)

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